Maintenance of Synthetic Turf is a Must

Maintenance of Synthetic Turf is a Must

2013-10 Regular maintenance of synthetic turf is important in order to maintain aesthetics, safety, playing performance and longevity of the sporting surface.  The notion that artificial turf is maintenance-free has been demystified according to various international studies most recently presented at FSB trade fair in Germany.  Adequate maintenance regimes for artificial turf have proven to protect the investment into sporting fields.

Regular maintenance

In accordance with current industry practice regular maintenance activities should include
•brushing of the surface;
•keeping the infill level;
•keeping the surface clean.

Specialist maintenance

Specialist maintenance should include activities like
•checking of seams and lines;
•seasonal maintenance (i.e. winter service);
•treatment against moss, algae, weeds
•decompaction of the infill material;
•field cleaning.

Additional information

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