What is Sports Technology?

What is Sports Technology?

2021-05  At the intersection of human performance and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), a discipline evolved in the last decade which is, as of today, referred to as sports technology or in short 'sportstech'.  However, it is important to note that sportstech entails more than sports equipment, athlete apparel, protective supplies or materials.

What is sports technology? - The application verticals of sportstech

Indeed, today, besides on-the field technologies used in monitoring health and improving performance of athletes of all abilities, off-the-field technologies ranging from sports business applications, fan engagement, broadcasting, sports infrastructure and communication technologies are also considered part of sportstech. Accordingly, sportstech nowadays ranges from technologies used to improve athlete performance and help prevent injuries in elite sport, to the business of sport and entertainment as well as mass participation and active living across 9 application verticals (see illustration above).

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If you are interested to understand some of the examples of applications at the intersection of sport and technology, please contact chemneera.

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